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Jeppe Eimose Waagstein

I am a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. I write about “annotation” in a very broad sense with the purpose of establishing a “theory of annotation” that may guide the formulation and evaluation of datamodels and software systems for various kinds of annotating practices. To develop this theory I study how annotation have been used through history going back to ancient Greco-Roman times.

Annotation is known as the underlining of text and writing notes in books. It is often called “marginalia” or “margin notes”. Must of us is familiar with annotating and have at least done it at some point when reading a book, newspaper, or article. Many of us annotate frequently. “The essential and defining character of the marginal note throughout its history is that it is a responsive kind of writing permanently anchored to preexisting written words.” (Heather Jackson, 2001). This ordinary understanding of annotations, however, limits the model and it is relatively easy to find grey zones of the definition that undermines it. Therefore I expand the concept, as it is done by the Open Annotation Collaboration, to cover many other uses, taking into account other media or forms than text and the digital technologies available today. I will hand in my PhD dissertation in Spring 2019.

Before staring on my PhD, I worked at The Royal Library in Denmark with optimising digitisation workflows. From this experience I have thorough knowledge about the technical, the organisational, and the legal aspects of book digisation. As a personal project, I am designing and programming a full automatic system to convert scanned images of book pages into high quality PDF-files, where text is bi-tonal and illustrations kept in color. Among other, this system combines the OpenSource digitisation workflow system Goobi, Google's OCR-program Tesseract and ImageMagick for image manipulation.

Besides this I have a growing interest in sensor networks (“IoT”) based on Rasberry Pi and Arduino and in computer controlled agriculture.

Read more in my short CV

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